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Partner in Command

Materials Fee: FREE - select the link below for full information
Dates: March 15th, 7:00 - 9:00pm CDT
Location: Virtual class - https://meet.goto.com/461659349

Seminar presented by Cdr. Thad Smyczek, SN

This seminar provides an introduction to boating for crew members who need basic information and who may or may not have taken a boating course. It is designed to provide essential information one may require to assist a skipper in the safe operation of a recreational boat. Included in the seminar are actions in response to emergencies. You will need your Captain’s help in learning useful knots.

Build a 5 Second Facebook Ad as easy as 1-2-3

Build a 5 Second Facebook Ad as easy as 1-2-3

Materials Fee: FREE - select the link below to join
Dates: TBD - 8am-9am
Location: Virtual class via Zoom

Join Cdr Kevin Shutes and Kevin Cooper from the Minnetonka Squadron as they start the day off Saturday morning with a Workshop focusing on building three - 5 second Facebook ads. Two ads that gear up for Membership and one ad that targets Education! These Ads are getting amazing results for Minnetonka so don’t miss this workshop!

ais electronics for boaters seminar

AIS Electronics For Boaters Seminar

Materials Fee: $10 Registration Fee, $15 For eBook or Hard Copy (optional)
Dates: TBD - 12-2pm
Location: Virtual class via GoToMeeting

AIS Electronics for Boaters can help you decide if Automatic Identification System (AIS) electronics are right for you. AIS electronics aren’t just for commercial vessels. Using AIS can help you navigate crowded waterways easily and safely.
With AIS marine electronics onboard, you can identify potential dangers and quickly make decisions on the water. Many systems share your boat’s information with other boats so they can also make better, safer boating decisions.

In this course, you will learn what AIS does, how it works, whether you need an AIS system, how AIS is different from radar, how to use AIS to navigate more safely, and what to consider when integrating AIS with your existing electronics.

Classroom materials include a 40-page full-color student guide in your choice of print or eBook format. Instructor materials are also available in hard copy or eBook format.

Instructor: P/V/C Ben Coons, JN-CN

ZOOM workshop

ZOOM workshop

Materials Fee: FREE
Dates: TBD - 2pm-3pm
Location: Virtual class via GoToMeeting

Learn the ins & outs of teleconferencing. D10 is adding a new Zoom subscription. Don’t worry we will still have a GoToMeeting Subscription. Instructor DSO Jennine Fine & Boy Scout Troop 409 Committee Chair Steve Livermore (an expert in Zoom). Please send questions in advance to: jennine.fine@gmail.com

Man Overboard Seminar

Man Overboard Seminar

Materials Fee: $10 Registration Fee, $15 For Hard Copy only (optional)
Dates: TBD - 3pm-5pm
Location: Virtual class via GoToMeeting

People fall overboard, especially in rough weather and high seas. Discover how to equip and maneuver your boat to retrieve someone in the water. Essential for all boaters, this seminar teaches you what to do if you fall overboard, as well as how to retrieve someone else. The seminar includes a full-color Student Guide for the seminar. What's Included?

  • How to recover a crew member who has fallen overboard
  • Vessel set-up and man overboard (MOB) equipment
  • Maneuvering to keep the rescuer close to the person in the water
  • Methods of recovering the person overboard
    Instructor: Timothy Levens, AP-IN