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  • You can improve your boating knowledge and skills through any of our education classes.
  • You can socialize with other boat lovers.
  • You are eligible for discounts on merchandise and services. (Did you know that many insurance companies grant boat insurance discounts to boat owners who have passed our public boating class?

The membership requirements are simple:

  • Be able and willing to contribute your time, energy and skills towards the objectives of America's Boating Club®
  • Complete the membership application at the bottom of this page
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Pay local and national dues.

What is America's Boating Club® all about?

America's Boating Club® is a nationwide boating organization that was founded in 1914 as the United States Power Squadrons.  We learn together, boat together and help both fellow members and other boaters on the water and on land. Our members and their families learn boating skills, engage with boating friends and connect with the boating community wherever they happen to be.

Membership Benefits

Members have access to discounted learning opportunities, boating fun with other members and volunteer opportunities focused on boating. We've partnered with exclusive organizations and businesses across the country to make our members' experience safer, more exciting and less expensive. For example, there are substantial discounts available for boat, health and travel insurance; reduced costs for marine services from companies like Sea Tow and DANBOATER; transactional discounts from vendors like Office Max; and savings on rental cars, education classes and hotel stays. For current information and details, check out our national website.

Education Requirements

Safe boating through education is at the heart of our mission. While you do not need education credentials to join, we recommend you complete the basic NASBLA boating course.  It's not complicated and can be completed online in the comfort of your own home.  For a more interactive learning expereince, check to see if we're currently offering a virtual or in-person basic boating course.

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