New Member FAQ

What is your Mission?

We are a modern boating club that has fun together, learns together, and volunteers together. We are passionate about boating and are enriched when we help others become more confident on the water.  We volunteer in our communities because we want to make our local waters safe and enjoyable, and because we care about the neighborhoods we live in.

How do I become a member?

Find a squadron in your area on our Squadron page and sign up from their website.

Is membership really worth it?

Members enjoy discounted learning opportunities, boating fun with other members and volunteer opportunities focused on boating. We’ve partnered with exclusive organizations and businesses across the country to make our members’ experience safer, more exciting and less expensive.  For example, there are: substantial discounts available for boat, health and travel insurance; reduced costs for marine services from companies like Sea Tow and Diver Alert Network (DAN); transactional discounts from vendors like Office Max; and even savings on rental cars, education classes and hotel stays.  Many members find that these savings substantially offset their annual membership fees.  Financially, membership can pay for itself, but the real value in membership begins with the friendships made and the rewards that come from giving back and helping others in our boating communities.

How much time am I expected to volunteer if I join?

Volunteering as a member of the local squadron of America's Boating Club is not a requirement, but an opportunity.  What sets us apart from other clubs is that we combine our love of boating with helping others.  This is a powerful combination that creates lifelong friendships and additional purpose and meaning to life.  While some of our members volunteer hundreds of hours each year, the typical member donates 15 to 20 hours per year.